The Best Dressed List: Back to School Spirit Week 2021

An inside look at the styles, students, and spirit that ruled the hallways.

Cover image graphic for Back to School Best Dressed List 2021 by Madison Loucks .

media by Madison Loucks

Cover image graphic for Back to School Best Dressed List 2021 by Madison Loucks .

by Madison Loucks, Reporter

Jags, it looks like last year’s struggles of tiresome uncertainty, subdued spirit, and inadequate community involvement are finally over; students are getting into the swing of a normal school year, and Rock Canyon is coming together stronger than before, energized to make this year one of the best yet.

And what better way to go down in Jag history than with killer spirit week fits? As per tradition, I have highlighted some of the most memorable outfits that students wore and a few jags who went all out for each day’s theme. Spirit themes this week were each inspired by the highly anticipated 2021 Back to School Dance, which was themed “Light the Night: Neon out”. The daily themes all generated excitement for the first dance of the year, on Aug. 27. 


Monday: “Lights out: Black out”

Kate Shupe ‘24 and Izzy Harris ‘24 pose outside for the first day of spirit week. Monday Aug 23.

On Monday, students arrived at school wearing black outfits, in spirit of the “lights out” theme. The hallways were an exciting scene; an impressive sea of all black, and countless creative outfits to kick off the week.







Tuesday: “In the spotlight: Dress like a celebrity”

On Tuesday, the theme was dress like a celebrity. Even though this theme may seem more difficult to dress up for, it was one of the biggest turnouts! Students’ outfits were extremely creative and all throughout the school big VIP’s were spotted. Artists like Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj; Celebrities like Paris Hilton, various Kardashians, and even Charli D’Amelio; Movie characters like Jenna Rink from 13 going on 30 or Donna from Mamma Mia. This was perhaps one of the highlight themes of the week.

Samantha Ryan ‘22 (dressed up as Brittney Spears) and Izzy Harris ‘24 (dressed up as Justin Bieber) pose for celebrity day during spirit week. Tuesday Aug. 24.
Kira Zizzo ‘22 poses in the media lab during Newspaper, dressed as Nicki Minaj for celebrity day, Aug. 24. “This was such an exciting opportunity to honor Nicki, the Queen of RAP.” Kira Zizzo ‘22 said.
Courtney Campbell ‘24 (dressed as Harry Styles) and Ashlyn Wenger ‘24 (dressed as Donna from Mamma Mia) show off their creative outfits as they walk during access. Tuesday Aug. 24.
Savannah Avery ‘22 dresses up as Paris Hilton for celebrity day. Her outfit featured a pink velvet tracksuit, Paris-approved ponytail, gold hoop earrings, and dramatic sunglasses.


Wednesday: “Light up the jungle: jag spirit” 

The theme for Wednesday was light up the jungle. Students sported their favorite jaguar apparel, represented their involvements and clubs, showcased their RC sports gear, or flaunted their canyon senior attire. (girls senior pants and golden boys’ overalls.) No one does school spirit like the jags, and this week we showed it in style. 

A group of RC senior girls sport their classic senior pants on Jag Day, Aug. 25. “I really enjoyed making the pants; they are super fun, and I love the tradition because it’s something that makes the seniors stand out on spirit or game days!” Bella Lewis ‘22 said.
RC Golden Boys in their black and gold striped overalls. PC: @rcgoldenboys















Thursday: “USA: Stars, Stripes, and Lights”

On Thursday, we “lit” up the school with stars and stripes. Students pulled out their favorite reds, whites and blues to show their spirit, and lots had unique ways to incorporate the theme into their USA getups. Some students wore fun accessories like hair bands, socks, or hats; others went all out with logos and tracksuits; and some incorporated USA spirit with the colors of their outfits.

Breck Saenger ‘23 wears a full USA stars and striped track suit with cowboy boots, and poses outside holding an American flag. Aug. 26.
Avery Pollock ‘24 wears a USA t-shirt and blue jeans with fun on-theme accessories. Thursday Aug. 26. “I’ll always take any chance I can to dress up in fun outfits I wouldn’t usually wear to school; ” Pollock ‘24 said, “It’s so cool to see people’s creativity for the different themes, and I definitely think we should have more spirit weeks!”
Melanie Scannlon ‘22 wears blue jean overalls with a red top and red converse; Thursday Aug. 26. She even had red nails to match the USA ensemble!






Friday: (Back to School Dance) NEON OUT

The back to school dance was Friday night, and after the week of anticipation for tonight, students went all out for the neon theme. Bright green, pink, orange, yellow, and more filled the courtyard and the commons. Glow sticks, light up glasses and even glow in the dark makeup and face paint accessorized the outfits of many. Students blended right in with the wild atmosphere of the 2021 back to school dance, and the neon spirit was a great way to finish off the week.        

Lexi Rufenacht ‘24, Brennan Lanam ‘24, and Ashyln Wenger ‘24 show off their neon splattered shirts and bright accessories. Friday Aug. 27. “We actually splattered our shirts during access, and just threw the paint right from the bottle on them! The matching black underclothes was an accident but it was cool and added contrast to the paint splatters.” Ashlyn Wenger ‘24 said.
Ella Hartman ‘24, Julia Johnson ‘24, Alina Severson ‘24, and Macy Watterson ‘24 pose in their neon attire right before the back to school dance. Aug. 27