Back to the Books

Students, teachers, and counselors share their thoughts on coming back to school.

by Olivia Barrett, Reporter


  1. Waking up earlier than your body is used to.
  2. The workload that is suddenly put upon you.
  3. Balancing school on top of sports and activities.
  4. Keeping yourself healthy while changing your routine.

These are some of the reasons why coming back to school may be hard on students, teachers, and counselors. 

25 students of all genders and grades took a survey about returning to school, answering questions about how coming back has affected them mentally, the workload, and the best and worst parts of their day. 100% of students said coming back has increased their stress and anxiety. Workload in classes, social standards, and amount of homework were the most common answers to what is the most stressful part of school.

“The most stressful part of school is trying to manage all of the school work, sports, and social aspects. I think the school could limit the homework and allow more grace towards students,” Lizzie Watabe ‘25 said.

Not only do students have trouble coming back to school, but some teachers have also had a hard time coming back from a long time off from a close-to-normal school year. 

Coming back to school has been two-sided.  [It’s] exciting that we get to be here, back in person, learning together, and not having to do google meets. On the other hand,  getting used to the new “normal” has been yet another adjustment,” World History and Geography teacher, Amy Hommel said.

Besides teachers and students, counselors have also been involved in the back to school process.

I believe the most stressful part of coming back to school, for counselors, students, staff, and everyone, is the uncertainty around education in the past 18 months...Counselors generally feel stressed about needing more hours in the day to be able to do all we can to help, however, we are fortunate to have amazing leadership and support from Rock Canyon,” a counselor at Rock Canyon, Rachel Wagster said.

To combat the stress that the start of the school year can cause, the counselors have provided some tips.

 “For academic stress, students should use access, there are amazing teachers at Rock Canyon who would do anything to help students succeed. For personal/social stress be mindful of your feelings and come to the counseling office for help, we have a plethora of resources,” Wagster said.