Varsity Softball is Under Way! Where do you Belong on the Diamond?

Based on your answers, we can tell you where you should play on the a softball team!


photo by Joey Fordham

Main image for varsity softball quiz.

by Joey Fordham and River Brown

You’re sitting on the bleachers, watching the game unfold. The smell of peanuts and popcorn fill the air, as you hear the crack of the bat. The ball begins to soar, and you watch as it drops beyond the fence that appears miles away. Suddenly you’re imagining yourself on the field, but where do you belong on the diamond? Take this quiz to find out!


1. Pick the one that relates most to you:

a. Very competitive and great endurance.

b. Smart and quick-reacting.

c. Strong and fast reflexes.

d. Tough and incredibly agile (mentally and physically).

e. Fast and good hand-eye coordination.


2. How fast are you?

a. Decently fast, but running’s not my favorite.

b. Slower than a turtle.

c. Average speed.

d. On the faster side.

e. Fastest on the team.


3. What kind of batter are you? 

a. Solid line drives and hard grounders. 

b. I can power hit and hit line drives, but I’m a slow runner. 

c. Mainly power hitting. Doubles, triples, and homers. 

d. Bunt frequently, but can drive one if needed. 

e. I make any form of contact. I am fast enough to get there on most hits. 


4. You hear the crack of the bat. What is your first thought?

a. Where’d I miss?

b. Where is it?

c. Charge the ball.

d. Where’s the cover?

e. Forward or back?


5. How strong is your arm?

a. One arm is strangely more strong than the other… and it shows.

b. On the stronger end.

c. Moderately strong arm.

d. Decently strong.

e. One of the strongest arms on the team.


6. When you attend a baseball game, what are you doing?

a. Watching every pitch, and maybe judging it too.

b. Thinking through every scenario for the next pitch. 

c. Taking notes.

d. Watching and learning through each play. 

e. Guessing how far the ball will fly.


7. If you are on the field, how often do you get hit by a ball?

a. Now and then, when the batter hits it just right. 

b. Twenty times a minute.

c. Sometimes, but I can usually stop it. 

d. Not very often. 

e. Only when batting.


8. What would be the most irritating thing about the sport?

a. Always having one sore arm.

b. Constant bruises.

c. The jersey tan line.

d. Getting cleated during steals.

e. Grass stains on everything.


9. What’s your favorite MLB walkup song?

a. The pitcher Will Smith’s “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Theme Song” by Will Smith.

b. Gerardo Parra’s “Baby Shark” by PinkFong.

c. Anthony Rizzo’s “Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift.

d. Randy Johnson’s “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns N’ Roses.

e. Charlie Blackmon’s “Your Love” by The Outfield.


Mostly A’s: Pitcher! You belong with the rest of the pitchers. Like many pitchers, you’re probably very competitive and love to take charge. Small issues don’t concern you, and even the big ones aren’t that bad. You’re resilient and strong-willed, but that comes in handy more often than not. You’re also organized, and probably the first person to finish your homework the night it’s assigned. You’re a very social person, and are probably already prepared to become best friends with the catcher. When you play, you’re focused on the game. Check out the pitchers on our RCHS Varsity team: Campbell Coddington ‘22 and Rachel Cook ‘23. Want to find out more about being a pitcher? Click here!


Mostly B’s: Catcher! You should be a catcher. Like most who play the position, you probably know the game through and through. You love leading the rest of the team and are happy when they look to you. You tend to look at all of the possibilities when it comes to plays, and it reflects outside of the game. You might come off as intimidating, but in reality, you are super sweet! When there’s an event, you’re probably roping your friends into coming with you and love the community of being on a team. Although you may not be the fastest in the game, your power hitting more than makes up for it. Check out the catchers on our RCHS Varsity team: Caitlyn Maiwald ‘23 and Casey New ‘25. Want to find out more about being a catcher? Click here!


Mostly C’s: Corners! You belong in the corners! This includes both the first and third base. You’re a fast thinker and reactor, which makes you perfect for split-second decisions and plays. Your skills in the game are great, between your hand-eye coordination and your great batting technique. When you make contact with the ball, it’s sure to go far. You’re one of the most protective people on the team, and whenever your friends need someone, they know they can reach out to you. You’re probably the person your friends come to when they have an issue, and you’re more than okay with it! Check out the corner players on our RCHS Varsity Team: Autumn Zuckermandel ‘22, Ally Cartwright ‘24, Zoe Taylor ‘24, and Kayla Mumpy ‘23. Want to find out more about playing first base? Click here! Want to find out more about playing third base? Click here! 


Mostly D’s: Middle Infield! You belong in the middle infield! The middle infield is made up of shortstop and second base. You probably love the consistencies in your life, and you like being the constant for others. All of your friends know they can lean on you through rough times because you’ll always be there for them. You could sit and read or draw for hours, and the same thing goes for softball. You’re a fast runner and when you make contact it’ll likely travel. You also have quick reflexes and you are willing to do anything to stop the ball. Your friends are the ones roping you into going to every event. You try not to like it, but let’s be honest: you’re thankful they’re so outgoing. Check out the middle infielders on our RCHS Varsity team: Savannah Avery ‘22 and Sydney Boulaphinh ‘24. Want to find out more about playing shortstop? Click here! Want to find out more about playing second base? Click here!


Mostly E’s: Outfield! You’re going to thrive in the outfield! Even though the outfield gets a bad rap, it’s one of the most essential positions on the field– especially in higher levels of softball. Some of the most skilled players on the field reside in the outfield. Like most, you’re probably very quick, mentally and physically. Chances are you grew up playing soccer or doing track. Athletics have always been an essential part of your life, and if you haven’t started playing softball, you’re bound to like it. You tend to be more quiet and shy than the rest of your teammates and friends, but it also makes you more level-headed. Check out the outfielders on the RCHS Varsity team: Kristen Remley ‘22, Avery Dumas ‘23, Sloane Sprague ‘25, Taylor Hostetler ‘24, and Brooke Schenderlein ‘25. Want to know more about playing left field? Click here! Want to know more about playing center field? Click here! Want to know more about playing right field? Click here!