Varsity Football Calendar

Imagine you’re at your high school varsity football game and you hear the crowd cheering, the plays that are being called, and seeing the posters waved in the air.


photo by Ally Atkins

Varsity Football schedule image.

by Ally Atkins, Reporter

Hear it from the players, coaches, and students:

– “I think we have the power to make it to the playoffs as well as win the next couple of games. After winning the first game of the season, we are hopeful to keep up our hard work and keep our win streak going!” Cole Alvarado ‘22, kicker for the football team, said.

-“I think we’re going to do well this season because we won our first game against Horizon. Even though we were not against such a good team, we still made really good plays and passes!” Taylor Waskiewicz ‘22, cheerleader, said.

-“I think our football team will do better than we have in our previous seasons. After the break and complicated schedule last year, the football team has been ready to get back to regular practices and hopefully a consistent plan for the year. There are so many athletes that are committed to playing football in college and are also receiving scholarships and grants as well. They feel obligated to play well to not only elevate themselves, but the entire team,” Lily Hansen ‘22 said.

-“I think our team is doing really well and I think we can go far if we keep a positive mindset and attitude and that we should go to games more to show our team spirit as well,” Joey Spano ‘23 said.

-“I think we are doing really good compared to how we have done in the past for starters and I think if we get more people to start showing up to the games and that way it will inspire our football team and that will maybe give them the possibility to go to the playoffs if we really try,” Rory Baker ‘22 said.

– “I want to see improvement from week 1 to hopefully the playoffs and it would be exciting for the kids on and off the team to experience the playoffs instead of playing 10 games and calling it a season. It will also give a positive work ethic and our team would be proud to make it if we truly put in the effort. The biggest thing we’re trying to do is have depth due to injuries, but our players are contributing and developing in certain areas of all of the positions. Overall I am proud of the team and I feel like we can go far!” Coach Meyer, football head coach said.