New Writing Contests for 2022

Take a Look at Five Upcoming Writing Contests in 2022.


photo by Grace Uhrain

There are an assortment of writing contests that are taking place in the near future.

by Danny Curran, Graphics Editor

Is writing your talent? If so, you should demonstrate your talent in a writing contest. Here is a list of several writing contests that encapsulate many different types of writing, including poetry, scriptwriting, creative, and many more.

The first contest is held by Bow Seat, an ocean awareness program. Bow Seat does annual ocean awareness contests. This year’s prompt is, “the funny thing about climate change.” The prompt instructs participants to spread awareness about climate change in a humorous way to spread a different message about climate change. Besides writing, this contest may also attract visual artists and filmmakers too, check their website to see some of the past winning entries. The age group is 11-18 and there is a cash prize of $1,500. 

The creative contest held by Sadie Tells Stories encourages applicants to write about magic. It can be entirely fictional or based on a real-life event, but must be under 500 words. All ages are welcome and there is an entry fee of $10. The top prize is $500 and the contest closes March 31. Winners will be announced June 15. 

This next contest is for playwrights and is run by Princeton Arts. The contests require students to make a play and their stories must be told in 10 minutes. There is no entry fee and the top reward is 500 dollars. The contest closes March 31.

This next contest is run by the Bill of Rights Institute and asks students about the essential qualities of a citizen in 21st Century America. The top reward is $7,500 and a scholarship to the Constitutional Academy. The word count is 500 to 800 words and the deadline is April 15.

The last contest is by BridPort Prize and they require 42 lines of poetry. The age group for this contest is 16 and above and there is a $10 entry fee. The deadline for this contest is May 31. The top prize is $6700.