10 Things to Remember for Registration

Here are 10 reminders to guide you through the registration process.


photo by Calvin Edlund

Student course registration papers are due Feb. 7 and Feb. 8.

by Calvin Edlund and Leland Gabriel

1)  The registration window closes Feb. 4 at 8:00 p.m. Make sure to sign up for all of your classes by the deadline. The instructions for signing up on Infinite Campus are on your registration paper. Registration papers are due Feb. 7 and Feb. 8 and must be turned in to your math class.

2) Register online as early as you can. You may encounter wifi issues or other problems may lead to missing the registration window. 

3) Remember to have the right teachers sign you off on your classes. Not all classes need to be approved, but some of them do. Some examples of classes that need a teacher signature are math, most honors classes, anything above level one language, etc.

4) Don’t overload yourself with difficult classes because even if it seems like a good idea in your head. You might regret the decision next year and be unable to substantially switch your schedule. 

“Choose your classes wisely because what students choose drives the master schedule and on the flip side of that it’s hard to change schedules just because classes get filled up.” Counselor Daniel Davies said.

5) Talk to your teachers. They will be able to give you good insight on what classes you are ready to take and which classes you should try to avoid.

6) If you are signing up for an AP class, remember to fill out an AP contract. If you are having a hard time getting one, you can stop by the counseling office for one. 

7) Make sure you are on top of your credits. If you don’t have enough necessary credits, you may have to take summer school or pursue credit recovery. 

8) Double check with your teachers if you’re planning on taking the same class twice. Most classes will not provide credits when taken a second time.

9) Remember to fill out your paper form and sign up online before the deadline. If you don’t have your class sheet, talk to your seminar teacher or the counseling office about getting one. 

10) Depending on your graduating year, remember that you will have some off-periods built into your schedule. You can replace these off-periods by talking to your counselor when you turn in your registration paper.