Inside the Stats (w/ Kishan Vahalia): Goodbye TB12

Future Hall of Famer, Tom Brady retires

by Kishan Vahalia, Reporter

After the leaks, rumors, and gossip, the NFL G.O.A.T. announced his retirement.

Tom Brady officially retired after 22 seasons playing with the NFL, posting on his Instagram (@tombrady) and confirming rumors flying earlier in the week.

According to The New York Times, “Tom Brady announced his retirement Feb. 1, at approximately 12:30 p.m.”

According to, ESPN initially reported Brady’s retirement, a few days before Tom officially confirmed it.

“I’m still going through the process,” said Brady (Yahoo Sports), at the time when the retirement rumor was leaked.

Career Highlights:

-Won 7 Super Bowl Titles

-15-time Pro Bowl Player

-3-time M.V.P.

-Leader in all-time touchdown passes / passing yards (700 Tds/ 84,520 Yds)

-The oldest player to win a Superbowl

NFL Perspectives:

“His career is one of a kind,” Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes said. “That’s why he’s the GOAT.” (

“Tom’s humble beginning in professional football ultimately ended with him becoming the best player in NFL history,” said New England Patriots coach Bill Belicheck. (Yahoo! Sports)

“The best QB of all time retired, DANG… he threw his last TD on me,” commented Los Angeles Rams Cornerback Jalen Ramsey. (Yahoo! Sports)

“It was an honor and a privilege to compete against him on the field, and I truly appreciate his friendship off the field,” said former Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning. (Yahoo! Sports)

“This football journey with you has been nothing short of special,” posted Rob Gronkowski on Instagram (a former teammate of Tom).

My take:

I was never such a big Brady fan, due to the fact that I’m a loyal Broncos enthusiast. Seeing the way he performed, especially against Denver, I respect his playing style. He was consistently playing at a high level, from the Patriots to the Buccaneers. Therefore, I do conclude that Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T. of football. He’s paved the way for his teammates, and young quarterbacks. TB12 will forever be recognized as an NFL legend.

Jag Take:

“I’m glad he’s retiring finally, and I think the Buccaneers won’t have a winning season for a few years,” Rock Canyon football punter and linebacker Brandon Stout ‘25 said. “But to be honest, he was definitely the G.O.A.T.”

“I think sometime in life, the biggest challenges end up being the best things that happen in your life.” – Tom Brady

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