Storm: By Bella Lewis


A snake of black slithers into the sky,

The black covers all the blue that once filled the clean air.

The white clouds turn gray in seconds.

Holding water, waiting to be unleashed on the ground below.

As the drops fly down to the ground,

They slap onto the dry cement

The cold drops of water,

Leak through the roof onto the oak wood floors.

Then comes the thunder,

It flashes into the sky like a stick

Of golden light.

The lighting rumbles the grounds shaking the trees,

They sway back and forth.

Loose leaves fall to the ground

The wind carries them though the sky.

Spinning twisting through the air.

A mist falls over the ground.

Covering every inch of the surface below

A bright flash of light circles the clouds,

Challenging them to contour the storm.

They fight until one prevails winning the battle.

The light shines above everyone telling them the coast is clear

To come back outside, enjoy the day and fear no more.