The Art of Gift Giving By Emily Perry

The art of gift giving. 


Before you can even think of giving someone a gift, you have to know them rather well. That way, you’ll be able to give them something they’ll really enjoy. Pay attention to who they are, what they need, or may like.


Don’t get them something you secretly want. Make sure your intent is pure. 


Next, grab your wallet. It’s time to go shopping. The key word in this sentence is time. You have to take your time when picking out a gift. If you don’t take your time, the recipient can tell. Always. 


A crucial step, which many people forget, is to disregard money. Now, I know that this is rather hard given the success and pressure we equate with money. I’m also not preaching to spend your college savings. Don’t be dumb. Be thoughtful. 


Do you remember what toy you got for your tenth birthday? Probably not. If someone gave you a handwritten letter about the impact you’ve had on their life would you keep it? 


Now, it’s time to get the gift and begin wrapping. I recommend using wrapping paper. It’s always more fun to un-wrap. Have scissors and tape at your disposal. I usually like to recommend a nice, big bow too. 


It’s time to give your gift. You can make it a big ceremony or be casual. Read the room. 


Oh no. The worst case scenario has happened. They don’t want your gift. This can happen if you pick up random trinkets from the Target dollar section or if you hand write a sentimental letter. But, the fact of the matter is that the gift you spent time, money, and thought on was rejected. 


I have a question for you.


Who has the gift now?


It’s what you do after that counts. 


You may be asking: “Well what do I do next?” Well…


Silly. I can’t tell you that. Only you can. I can only advise compassion and kindness.


We’ve all received gifts we don’t want. 


This little story, or whatever you wish to call it, is a gift. Who knows how many people will read it. Let alone enjoy it. Will that make me sad? No. It’s okay. Because that’s not why I wrote it.