Quiz: Colors of the Rainbow

Need a new hair color to spice up your look? Take this quiz and figure out what color fits your personality the best.


media by Grace Uhrain

A graphic introduces the following quiz: Colors of the Rainbow.

by Abigail Wood, Assistant Editor in Chief: Photo & Camera Editor

Over 1.31 million people dye their hair each year, according to the National Consumer Survey (NCHS). Long aisles full of hair dye can be found in many stores, such as Target, King Soopers, or Walmart. Dyeing your hair is a way to help change your appearance and try something new, so why not change up the old groove and try out a new hair color that will bring a new change to you?

Take this quiz to find out what hair color will suit you the most!

What would you describe as your ideal day?

  1. Going to a party and dancing to the music with all your friends
  2. Snuggling up in your bed alone with some snacks and your favorite show
  3. Exploring the mountains or driving to wherever your car takes you
  4. Making money working at your job

What’s your favorite food?

  1. I’m down for any spicy food
  2. Some creamy ice cream 
  3. Trail mix and dried fruit
  4. My mom’s homemade soup

Pick your outfit of choice:

  1. Jeans and a stylish top 
  2. A combo of sweatpants and a baggy shirt 
  3. Some flowy pants and a loose, thrifted sweater, along with your trusted boots
  4. Leggings and a sweatshirt

What’s your go-to music genre? 

  1. Latest hip-hop
  2. Peaceful piano 
  3. Any old bands from the 80s and 90s
  4. News podcasts 

What’s your favorite movie series?

  1. Fast and Furious 
  2. Twilight 
  3. Pirates of the Caribbean
  4. Harry Potter

Where do you go to get your favorite drink?

  1. Starbucks
  2. Kung Fu Tea
  3. Dutch Bros
  4. Dunkin’ 

What is something you never leave the house without?

  1. My phone
  2. A sweatshirt
  3. Hiking gear
  4. My wallet 

What’s the first thing you do when you get home each day?

  1. Head over to my friend’s house
  2. Go to bed or eat
  3. Tinker around with my car
  4. Start right away on my homework or head to work

Pick your ideal footwear:

  1. Flip-flops 
  2. Slippers 
  3. Boots 
  4. Sneakers 

Would you dye your hair based on the results of this quiz?

  1.  Maybe
  2.  If it’s easy 
  3.  I’m always up for something new
  4.  No

You’re all done with the quiz! Scroll down to find out what color you should dye your hair. Tally up how many of each number you picked to find your recommended hair color based on your personality. 

Mostly 1: You are a redhead with a fiery personality. You go headfirst without thinking and want to be the life of the party. You try to be the best you can be and see every day as a new day. You don’t stop for others, but also need friends in order for your personality to be appreciated by others. Red hair is a big change that will represent your big personality and help you stand out from the crowd. Color options can span from soft ginger to a piercing fire-like red, depending on how bright you want to go. 

Mostly 2: Lavender is the color that will suit you. You chill and go with the flow of life. You won’t leave your house without wearing something comfortable. Lavender would be a perfect color for you. The color represents a calm nature and the ability to flow with everyone around you. You enjoy being alone by yourself, snuggled in your bed with your favorite comfort movies. Thankfully for you, there are purple dyes and shampoos you can use, and it shouldn’t take more than an hour to do. 

Mostly 3: Dirty blonde hair is perfect for you. You’re always on the go and never have time to properly maintain your unruly hair. Stick to a dirty blonde, where you can slap on some highlights and leave it be for the next few months. You’re always on the go, searching for something new for you to do, and with that lifestyle, hair maintenance is one of your last concerns. Add some highlights and you’ll be good to go, because most of the time, your hair will be up in a ponytail or a bun as you hike your way up a mountain. 

Mostly 4: Black hair sums up your perseverance and needs to stick to a schedule and work hard to get where you want. The perfect color for you is black. It’s serious and able to move through tough times, like your personality. It allows you to work without distraction from the rules of unnatural hair color. Pulling off black hair can be a hard job, but you have the motivation and ability to push yourself.