The CASH Behind the BASH

Homecoming is a well-known and celebrated tradition, but what happens behind the scenes?


media by Claudia Llado

Student Council member Isabella Robison ‘26 sells Homecoming t-shirts to students during B lunch Sept. 27. Members of Student Council took turns selling the t-shirts Monday through Thursday during Homecoming week during both lunches and Access. The shirts sold for $10 each. “I thought it was a good experience that I learned even though the credit card reader was being a little weird,” Robison said. “I really liked the opportunities we get to do for the school and for everyone to see.”

by Claudia Llado, Assistant Editor in Chief: Copy Editor

Full of events like spirit week activities, football games, and the parade, Jags celebrated Rock Canyon’s 20th Homecoming anniversary this past week.

All of the activities and events for Homecoming Week were organized by Student Council. Homecoming week, with a Hollywood theme, featured a spirit day and after-school activity every day. 

Monday was Pajama Day, for the movie, “The Breakfast Club,” with Ruff n’ Tuff championship games that night. “Talk to Me Goose” Tuesday featured military and aviator gear dress up and an AMC movie night for “Top Gun: Maverick” after school. The phrase, “on Wednesdays we wear pink,” from “Mean Girls,” inspired the pink-out spirit day for Wednesday, with  Powder Puff finals that night. On Thursday, students dressed in either preppy or biker-themed clothes for the movie of the day, “Grease.” The homecoming parade, Choir Chili Dinner, and bonfire took place that day after-school. On Friday, students wore their black Homecoming t-shirts with other black clothes for a “Men in Black” inspired black-out, and the exciting homecoming pep assembly and football game happened that night after school against the rival football team from Highlands Ranch High School. 

Student Council functions as a class consisting of 39 students, as well as staff members and together, they worked for six weeks to coordinate Homecoming decorations and celebrations, as well as the finances. 

“In the beginning of the planning process, it’s kind of brainstorming what the theme will be, and then we split into committees after that,” Student Body President Myles Rubin ‘22 said. “And for Homecoming, there are five [committees]. There’s Ruff n’ Tuff and Powder Puff, royalty and the dance, which I’m on, and then the parade and bonfire. There’s also [a committee] for decorating the whole school, and one for  advertising, which does all of our digital work as well as all of the posters that you see.”

But how much really goes into it, and what about all of the financial planning? 

“For the days and events as well as the dance, each committee submits a sheet with all of the information of how much they spent,” Rubin said. “My committee alone was probably 400-500 bucks.” 

Committee members work together, equally separating the workload and responsibilities per group as they each present a list of all the materials or supplies that they would need, and find the best way to execute it responsibly while still trying to make everything look the best it can be. 

Spanish teacher and Student Council advisor Hannah Klein has been a part of Student Council for two years, working alongside science teachers Nikki Dobos and Jeremy Newman to lead the students in coordinating events and school functions.

“I’ve always loved the positive energy and school spirit that it brings,” Klein said. 

She was invited to join and now works with students and staff on Homecoming committees and other future events as head of Student Council.

“I mean, I think if I had to guess the payment, it’s easily close to $15,000. If you count the t-shirts, the DJ, decorations, and we have to pay for chaperones, security, fines for the parade, the bonfire, permits for the city, water for the dance, it’s a lot of things,” Klein said. 

Many things happen to make Homecoming available. For the parade, for example, decorated platforms and floats drive by as students on top of them throw candy to the crowd, with everyone cheering to celebrate Homecoming week. But, taking a closer look, not only do these students need a permit for it to be legally executed, they also need materials for floats, decorations, volunteers, candy, and more.

Homecoming is funded by all of the different activities that students and the community participate in. Donations, fundraisers, other school dances, and the homecoming t-shirts are a main source of income, as all of the proceeds go back to Student Council and are used in the budget spent on Homecoming and other future events. 

Because of this, Rock Canyon is able to make these things possible. By attending activities and creating new experiences, not only do they provide for future festivities, but it helps with fun interactions between students whilst also helping school spirit grow into a more socially engaged and happier school culture.