Hoco: It’s Okay Not To Go

If dances like Homecoming don’t bring you joy, I have a few ideas on how to spend your day instead.


photo by River Brown

Clouds roll in over the Ten Mile Range and Lake Dillon Oct. 1. Over Homecoming weekend, many students who chose not to go to the dance found other alternatives.

by River Brown, Reporter

When many people heard the words, “Homecoming Week,” on Sept. 26, they probably thought about the outfits they had been planning for weeks, the dinner reservations they had to confirm, and how fun the dance might be. But, when I first heard these words, my mind went straight to what other things there were to do over the weekend. I wanted to participate in the spirit days, maybe go to the parade, but that was about it. I devised a plan: I would go out of town, up to the mountains- my home away from home.

While this isn’t at all intended to discredit the hard work that goes into the event, nor the wonderful enjoyment many get from the week, it’s perfectly acceptable not to go too. And although it felt like everyone was talking about the dance that week, I know many people may share my opinion.

If you’re like me and dances aren’t your scene, the bit of advice I can give you is to do what makes you happy. And if you need ideas for next year, I have a few in mind:


Have a book/movie marathon

Just because going to the dance is fun doesn’t mean “Harry Potter” isn’t. Go to the library and find a new book series to dive into. Or, if you prefer movies, that works too. The important thing is to gather snacks and drinks to make your night the most fun it can be!

Practice your kitchen skills

Cooking is something I love to do, whether that be for dinner, Thanksgiving, or simply because I’m bored. So next year, pick up some ingredients (King Soopers carries Home Chef meals, complete with ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions) or find a cookie recipe on the internet to create a delicious meal.

Do what makes you happy

If you want to go out of town, do so. If you want to go out to dinner and a movie, that sounds great! If you’re ideal Saturday would be playing video games, more power to you. Homecoming should be fun, no matter how you decide to spend your week.