FRIDAY FACULTY FEATURE: Benjamin Dale’s Love For Music

This week’s glimpse at Orchestra and Guitar teacher Benjamin Dale’s life and love for music.


media by Grace Uhrain

Orchestra and guitar teacher Benjamin Dale stands with his guitar near the Jimi Hendrix painting in the orchestra classroom Oct. 14. Dale developed his love for guitar early on. “Before I taught guitar at Rock Canyon, I had a guitar and love to explore different genres of music and learn songs that I heard on the radio and that kind of thing. But then when I started teaching at Rock Canyon and they needed a guitar teacher, it was an amazing experience to actually start teaching instruments because generally students who play the guitar have a real passion for it,” Dale said.

by Gigi Calvanese, Reporter

As you walk into the Orchestra room, students tune their instruments and practice their music pieces. Some are classical, with a fast and intense rhythm, while others grace the air slowly and melodiously.


Q: Can you say your name?

A: My name is Benjamin James Dale. 

Q: What do you teach? 

A: So here at Rock Canyon I teach three different orchestras: Orchestra, String Orchestra, and Chamber Orchestra. I also teach Guitar One, Guitar Two, and Guitar Three. 

Q: How long have you been teaching?

A: This is my nineteenth year teaching here. 

Q: How have you been liking Rock Canyon? 

A: Of all the schools that I’ve taught at, it is my absolute favorite. Not only because I get to work here with my lovely and talented wife, and the performing arts department is dedicated to an exceptional group of teachers and students, but also the student body here is one of the most extraordinary, motivated, and ambitious groups of young people that I’ve ever encountered. And, I really appreciate the leadership style of Mr. Abner. 

Q: I heard that you got the music teacher awards last year. How did you feel about that? 

A: Yes. I did get an award last year. I was overwhelmed by the support from the school community. The support that I received from the school community was exponentially greater than the actual significance of the award itself. It was actually a really small award, but I was just floored by the support from staff and students, and humbled because there are, as you know, some extraordinary and exceptional teachers here, and I was honored to be recognized in a small way. 

Q: Nice. Final question, what’s your favorite instrument to play? 

A: Well, I’m sitting in front of a violinist and violist, but I will say that the cello is my favorite instrument to play, mostly because it’s the one I’m best at. So, I’m not very good at the other ones. Cello is the one I started when I was four years old. And that’s the one that’s been closest to my heart. Literally, physically, since then, and so cello would be my answer.