All-Period Days: Yea or Nay

A quote collection of student opinions on weekly all-period days.


media by Andi Mack

A graphic depicts a backpack filled with school supplies. It reads, “ALL DAYS: YAY OR NAY?”

by Andi Mack, Reporter

Every Friday, students trek all over the school, attending all seven of their classes for 50 minutes each. With twice the number of classes as block days, all-period days also require twice as much backpack weight, walking, and interacting with teachers – not to mention the numerous quizzes and due dates that await. 

Many opinions have boiled over time regarding all-period days.



Students have a variety of reasons for opposing all-period days, one of which being the short periods and frequent work. 

“I just don’t really like having all my classes in one day. 50 minutes for each class, each day. Doing all the work. It’s a lot,” Adonis Cutler ‘23 said. 

Another reason students dislike all-period days is the shorter off periods and longer days. 

“I really don’t like [all-period days]. It’s because it’s more classes and they go longer, and then my off periods aren’t as long… it just feels different,” Drew Petersen ‘23 said. “You know, it’s not like the norm because it’s only like one time a week compared to the other block days.” 

A different opinion is the dislike of an increased number of quizzes teachers decide to give out during all-period days. 

“You can work on all your stuff, but I feel like I have so many quizzes on Fridays because we have short classes,” Tyler Goldmann ‘24 said. 

Some students oppose all-period days because of the frequent moving and switching from subject to subject. 

“During longer classes, it’s just one subject, so it’s not like you’re going from one class to another within 50-minute time segments. It’s easier on block days,” Karis Arro ‘24 said.



Opposite of those opposing all-period days, there are some students that prefer them. One of the reasons is that frequent movement is actually better than sitting in one place for an extended period of time. 

“You don’t have to sit there for 90 minutes,” Claire Yeater ‘24 said.

Additionally, Caroline Matthews ‘25 feels it’s easier to go about all-period days because classes are in chronological order. 

“You don’t have to be like, oh, well, now I went to my first class, but I can’t go to my second class because I have to go to my third class. And I personally think that’s very complicated. So it’s just easier on all days,” Mathews said.

Some simply just prefer all days. 

“I feel like all days are better than every other day,” Miles Hinkley ‘26 said.

Seeing more friends is another reason for preferring all days, depending on if they’re in a lot of your classes.

“I like all days because for some reason the time just goes by faster and I get to see all of my friends in all of my classes,” Yeater said.

There is no one definitive and universally accepted opinion on all days, it really depends on the type of student and how they prefer to experience their education. Perhaps some students have an easier time focusing in longer classes than in shorter ones, and vice versa. What is your opinion on all days? Let us know in the poll below!

What Is Your Opinion on All Days?


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