A Sip From the World Cup

The world cup returns again… here’s what students had to say about it.


media by Danny Curran

A graphic introduces student opinions about the 2022 World Cup.

by JJ Nielsen Mayer and Dawson Hunt

For every four years since 1930, the best players from each country have taken to the pitch in an attempt to win it all. Running down the field, some of the best players from opposing countries will pass the ball to each other, hoping to score enough to pull them ahead and secure a win. According to NBC, this year, there are an estimated five billion viewers over the course of the event, compared to 3.5 billion in 2018 and 700 million in 2014. The United States Men’s National Team made it to the round of 16 after tying with Wales and England and defeating Iran 1-0 W to secure their spot in the round of 16. As of Dec. 14, only four teams remain in the Qatar World Cup: Argentina, Croatia, France, and Morocco. This is what students had to say about the World Cup and who they were rooting for this year:       

Jackson Dublanica ‘24: 

“I’m rooting for Argentina because they have Messi and they’re gonna win it all. Soccer or football, it doesn’t matter. Call it whatever you prefer,” Dublanica said.

Skylar Brand ‘26: 

“My favorite team is the Netherlands, and I wanted them to win,” Brand said. 

Jesse Mccabe ‘23: 

“I’m a big fan of Spain because I liked their passing. They create triangles very well, and they’re a good team overall,” Mccabe said. “It’s soccer 100%. I don’t know why the British think they are better than us.”

Mati Gjerapic ‘26: 

“I was rooting for Croatia because my Dad is from there,” Gjerapic said.