The Gift of Giving

You give can back during the holiday season… here’s how.


photo by Maddie Leonardi

A graphic introduces volunteer opportunities for the winter/holiday season.

by Maddie Leonardi, Reporter

The holiday season is just around the corner. The smell of pine and peppermint is starting to fill the air. The snowy days and the extra cold nights sitting by the fireplace are coming more and more often. The glistening snow and the bright lights fill the streets. All of these things make the holiday spirit thrive, along with, most importantly, the gift of giving.

What community service is available outside of Rock Canyon?

“Many of the opportunities listed in HelperHelper come from outside organizations.  For instance, every day, there is preschool at Pax Christi Church across the street from Rock Canyon, and there are four spots for students to volunteer to clean the toys that were used during that day at the preschool,” Counseling Secretary Julie Burns said. 

“That is just one example of a volunteer offering in HelperHelper. The vast majority of volunteer opportunities occur outside of Rock Canyon and are not advertised in HelperHelper.   I suggest students find an area of interest and then contact organizations in that area to see if they would accept volunteers. 

If you love books, look to volunteer at Douglas County Libraries. If you love animals, you could contact a veterinarian, an animal shelter or a horse rescue ranch to volunteer there.  Perhaps you want to help people in need, you could contact a food pantry to volunteer there.  The options to volunteer are only limited by one’s imagination.”

Are there other ways to give back to our community during the holidays?

“The holidays can be a tough time for many, so I would suggest looking into volunteer opportunities such as a Giving Tree, Toys For Tots, and the Salvation Army.  Going to local houses of worship, food pantries, soup kitchens or MetroCaring could be a great and impactful experience for everyone,” Burns said. 


Other community service suggestions:

There are many ways to give back to those who need it most. Even a simple act can make a huge difference. Here’s a few ways that you can make a difference in our community:

All-Stars Club

The All-Stars Club provides a loving community to those with special needs. They are looking for volunteers to buddy up with individuals with special needs. If you can’t help in-person, they also take donations. 

For more information on this opportunity go to: 

Dear Jack Foundation Inc.

The Dear Jack Foundation provides the physical and emotional help needed for young adults and adolescents diagnosed with cancer. Currently, the Dear Jack Foundation is looking for volunteers to write letters to these patients. 

For more information on this opportunity go to: 

Project Helping

Project Helping is an organization that uses the act of helping others in order to improve one’s mental well-being. They are looking for volunteers to serve dinner to families and individuals with Denver Rescue Mission.   

For more information on this opportunity go to: 

Arapahoe County: Shoppers for Seniors

Arapahoe County is looking for volunteers to deliver groceries to seniors in need weekly. 

For more information on this opportunity go to: 

4 Paws 4 Life Rescue 

4 Paws 4 Life Rescue is determined to take care of and find loving homes for animals in need. They are looking for volunteers to walk, socialize, and more with their rescue dogs. 

For more information on this opportunity go to: 

For more opportunities nearby visit 

In a time of great need, it’s crucial to help in any way possible. The holiday season is a great way to give back to not only the school community, but also the community that surrounds our everyday life.