Football Goes Pink


Varsity football players line up before the snap during the Pink Out game against Mountain Vista at EchoPark Stadium, Thus. Nov. 5.

by Makenna Allen, Reporter

Thurs. Nov. 3, Varsity Football suffered a narrow loss to Mountain Vista at EchoPark Stadium in the final game of the season. Despite the defeat, the boys, along with the student section, decked out in pink to support the Jill Lamb Foundation.

The 501c3 organization was created in 2008, in memory of head football coach, Brian Lamb’s late wife, Jill Lamb.

“The Jill Lamb Foundation was designed to help families that are fighting the battle. So not after the battle, not to help with research or anything like that. It’s specifically designed to help families get through the battles by supporting them financially,” Lamb said.

The organization was meant to provide monetary aid for everyday tasks such as housecleaning, babysitting, and supplying meals.

Yearly, any proceeds from Rock Canyon’s Pink Week sales go directly to the foundation. Many fall sports also support the Jill Lamb Foundation, including soccer, volleyball, softball, golf, and football.

“Boys will shave their heads and put a ‘JL’ in the side of the head for Jill Lamb,” Lamb said.

This design, in addition to breast cancer ribbons, was a common sight at the Pink Out game. Mountain Vista players and students also dressed in pink gear in support of breast cancer awareness.

Both teams battled for points throughout the game. The Jaguars led in the first quarter 7-0. By the end of the half, however, they were down by two points with the score at 26-24.

The gap increased during the second half but the game was a one-possession nail-biter as the fourth quarter drew to a close. Students shifted to the other end of the bleachers as the Jaguars held the ball at fourth and goal, during an eight-point game, and with less than one minute left on the clock.

After confusion regarding the down, the referees called the game over. The final game of the season ended in a loss of 53-45 and left Rock Canyon Varsity Football with a record of 3-7.