One Good Thing:

Explore an art website that allows visitors to create their own Pollock-inspired art.

media by Andi Mack

Art made on the website introduces the first “One Good Thing”.

by Andi Mack, Reporter

Everywhere everything is always happening, sometimes good and sometimes bad. It’s up to us to decide what we want to highlight in our world, so why not choose the positive?

With the click of a button, you can digitally create your own iconic and abstract work of art. is a website that allows users to create Jackson Pollock-style art by dragging their fingers or mouse across the screen.

Jackson Pollock is known for his action and abstract expressionist paintings. Users can even change the color of the paint they are using. The website was created by Miltos Manetas, a Greek painter and multimedia artist, in 2003.

Operating the site is really easy. Search in your browser, “,” start dragging your cursor, and the fun begins! You can also left-click to change the color of your “brush.”

“What made me excited about the website was the way that you could use your abilities to create your own abstract art,” Spencer Rathbun ’24 said.