You’ve Met Your Match

During the month of February, French National Honor Society matched students based on the Matchstistics forms that were to be filled out in the beginning of January.

by Lily Hansen, Contributing Reporter

photo by Lily Hansen
French National Honor Society prepares the Matchomatics table for both lunch periods Feb. 1. On the first day, Jan. 31, the booth was really popular among freshman. “It’s a really good fundraiser and it really helps the kids in French National Honor Society with money and business skills,” Elizabeth Johnson said.

The Matchomatics paper presents your best statistical matches and/or friends. Students were given the opportunity to find out who they’re most compatible with in the school, as wells as find a mystery match. Despite the matching algorithm used, many students felt that the matches they were given weren’t the best.

“Weird- I don’t know anybody on this list. The people I know I don’t really talk to,” Margaret Christensen ’22 said.

On one side, the paper will give you facts about your birthday and who you have similar a birthday to. You are given a list of people and celebrities who have the same or a close birthday to you as well as who you match by zodiac.

The French National Honor Society is running this fundraiser as a goal to make a donation to a French-speaking organization, student scholarships, and the rest goes to activities. “I really think it’s just fun to see ‘who am I matched with?’, ‘who can I be friends with?’, ‘are my friends on my match page?'” Alexis Savas, French National Honor Society’s head, said.

“It’s a really cool way because it connect the school and you can see other people’s interests,” Elizabeth Johnson ’19 said.

The surveys were put into the seminar teacher’s boxes to be handed out in the first week of January. Students filled out the surveys and then the forms were sent to the Matchomatics company in Canada.

“When I think about it, this whole thing is in color and that’s a lot of ink, so it makes sense that it’s three dollars but it’s going to the French National Honor Society,” Sienna Ferguson ’22 said.

“I decided to buy one because I was interested in the results- I was interested in seeing who matched my personality,” Croix Burney ’22 said. “If you find somebody that you love then good for you but if you’re not looking for love continue to live your life.”

“It’s getting into that love season and I thought it’d be awesome to see who’s like me. I’m not going to seek out the people because I’m really busy with school– school’s number one, not a relationship,” Joshua Friar ’20 said.

“Waiting for the right person, not gonna buy love,” Madeline Keller ’20 said.