Dare To Share True or False

Learn about common misconceptions associated with Wish Week’s Dare to Share Your Hair in an interview with David Sapienza.


photo by Maddy Merritt

Lilliya Larson ’21 smiles in her Dare to Share Your Hair t-shirt from Wish Week 2018. Larson donated 12 inches last year. “I am going to do it again this year. I liked it a lot because even if your hair is a little too short for a few weeks, I feel like you’ve still changed a life, and that’s more important than anything on how you look because your hair will grow back, but they won’t ever get hair,” Larson said.

by Maddy Merritt, Editor in Chief

Friday, March 1, 2019 marks the beginning of Rock Canyon’s tenth annual Wish Week. There will be numerous events hosted throughout the week for jaguars to participate in, including Dare to Share Your Hair. Dare to Share will take place in the RC wrestling room Tuesday, March 5, and Thursday March 7, from 7 a.m.-11 a.m. both days. Social Studies Teacher David Sapienza, the administrative sponsor, cleared up a few common misconceptions about Dare to Share. If you have more questions about Dare to Share Your Hair, visit Mr. Sapienza in room 5300.

True or False: If I donate my hair, I get a t-shirt automatically.

False. Dare to Share t-shirts are $20, and there are only fifty, although more students usually share their hair.

True or False: If I get my hair cut by my usual stylist, I can bring my pony tail(s) to RC and add them to our pile of pony tails.

True. If you get your hair cut outside of RC but bring the pony tail to the wrestling room during one of the two Dare to Share times Tuesday and Thursday, it will count toward RC’s pony tails.


True or False: If I have more than eight inches of hair, they are going to take as much hair as I have.

False. The hair stylists are from the Stacy James Institute and will take as much hair as you would like. They are trained professionals and will respect the amount of hair you would like cut.

This opportunity for people to shave their heads supports kids with cancer, and people donating their hair to make wigs for kids in need is a great experience that I really enjoy sponsoring”

— David Sapienza