We Believe in Michael’s Wish

As Wish Week concludes, take a look at the week in review and the long term effects that it has had on the wish kids and their families


photo by Emily Wilson

Michael McGuire lifts and kisses his son, Wish Kid Michael McGuire during the closing assembly in the gym March 8. The closing assembly celebrated Michael and his wish to go to Disney World. “I think Michael was my favorite part about Wish Week. My favorite part was when he stole the microphone at the opening assembly. I think he’s got spirit, is a great kid and it was really cool to meet him and his family,” Principal Andy Abner said.

Wish Week expands beyond one student, one grade, or even one school. Wish Week means bringing one exceptional Wish Family into the Rock Canyon community, and treating them as part of the jaguar family. 

“The cheer that erupts through the gym when the Student Council members hold up the signs with the grand total raised makes the whole week worth it. It gives everybody in the school the chance to see how Rock Canyon came together all in support of one family,” Audrey Fears ‘21 said.

Students from all grades gathered for the closing assembly in the gym to celebrate Michael and his wish to go to Disney World. Throughout this past week, the student body raised enough money to grant Michael’s and seven other Colorado Make-A-Wish kids’ wishes with a grand total of $62,086.99, with over $11,000 being solely from the Miracle Minute.

“I really loved getting together with my friends and going to all of the events because I knew we were supporting a really great cause,” Logan Tarutis ‘20 said.

Throughout the week, students partook in various nightly events– from blacklight dodgeball to smashing pies in faculty members’ faces, the week was full of spirit events and making wishes come true.

“I definitely think my favorite part so far has been all the closing assemblies just because you get to wrap up everything you got to see throughout the week and how exciting all the different events were and it’s just awesome to see the whole school come together as a community and be able to see all the wishes we get to grant,” Caroline Frahm ‘19 said.

During the 50-minute closing assembly, students saw all the previous Wish Kids together as well as a video produced by RCTV highlighting each Wish Kid’s experience. Principal Andy Abner expressed his pride in the RC family. Michael’s mom, Venus McGuire, thanked RC for putting on Wish Week.

“It’s incredible to put yourself aside and do such a selfless act that you guys do to come out here and play basketball, silly it is, play dodgeball, silly it is. It does so much for these kids. It does so much for the families you guys are involved in. It’s a time to put away the fear, to find something good in something so awful. You guys have changed our lives, and Michael’s kind of sad that this is the end of wish week. You guys have not only impacted us, you’ve impacted his life, his sister’s life, all of our lives,” McGuire said.

Closing out Wish Week, Michael and his little sister, Genevieve, played in the confetti after it rained down, covering the floor in blue. There were laughs, smiles, and tears, and all through it all, Michael was smiling.