Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

To follow up on his fall walk through nature, Bennett Edlund re-experience’s Colorado’s beauty under a layer of sleepy snow. Take a stroll Waterton Canyon in the winter.

by Bennett Edlund, Opinion Editor

All that is gold does not glitter,

photo by Bennett Edlund
Even a river can show what is above; Water that is this still is rather rare on a river, but the great likeness to a mirror is impossible to miss.

Not all those who wander are lost,

photo by Bennett Edlund
While many choose to follow the main road, many choose to make their own; they choose their own spot to set up; And while they may be wandering, they are certainly not lost.

The old that is strong does not wither, deep roots are not reached by the frost,

photo by Bennett Edlund
The Trees are some of the oldest things around, living for decades on end in the heat and cold, the sun and the snow. While they may not have many leaves in preparation for winter, these titans are still standing strong.

From the ashes, a fire shall be woken, a light from the shadows shall spring,

photo by Bennett Edlund
The sun breaking through the clouds after a day of overcast weather. Weather in Colorado is unpredictable even on a good day, so some light on a cloudy day is a welcome sight.

Renewed shall be the blade that was broken, the crown less shall again be king.

photo by Bennett Edlund
The stone cliffs are a blade in repair, in eternal conflict against the weather. The worn face of stone is the battle line of stone and water. Massive stone pillars such as these represents an immovable object, one that was once placed where it stands.

Image titles are quotes from J.R.R. Tolkein’s “The Fellowship of the Ring”