Snow-No, After School Activities Cancelled Feb. 3

BREAKING: All after school activities cancelled in anticipation of snow. Q&A with Activities Director, Kevin Carey, answers common questions.


media by Ben

Snow covers the upper parking lot at 2:48 pm Feb. 3. All after school activities were cancelled due to predicted, dangerous road closures.

by Zach Lipfield and Ben England

After school activities, including athletics, were closed today due to a forecasted blizzard and harsh road conditions. According to accuweather , Highlands Ranch is predicted to get around six inches of snow tonight. 

Mr. Kevin Carey, the Athletics Director, answers commonly asked questions in regards to the closure. 

Q: How does after school activities being cancelled affect students?

A: “Many students are in activities and are affected, but safety is the first priority.”

Q: What caused the activities to be cancelled?

A: “It’s closed due to the upcoming forecast and road conditions that weren’t safe for students and coaches.” 

Q: Can we foreshadow that school will be cancelled tomorrow?

A: “My daughter put a spoon under her pillow and wears her pajamas backwards and flushes ice down the toilet, because it is a superstition that you will have a snow day. I would like to think that we would have a delay tomorrow due to the conditions, but Colorado is so hard to predict that we might get nothing or we might get a bunch.”

One of the activities that was cancelled was the Continental League Feb. 3 concert that combined orchestra, choir and band. The students selected for Continental League travelled to Denver for the concert this afternoon, but are making their way back home after activities were cancelled. Ethan Mead ’20, who plays saxophone in band, was one of the students that had to come home due to the cancellation.

Q: How do you feel about the Continental league being cancelled? 

A: “I believe having this being cancelled is absurd. I understand the main safety is keeping people safe, but we have put hours into this performance and the least the district could do is reschedule the event,” Mead said.

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