SPRING Into the Spiking Season

Boys volleyball season starts today. Here’s what you need to know.


photo by Lily Hansen

Ben Gardner ’20 practices blocking for a one-hand tip Feb. 20, 2019. Gardner had done Men’s Volleyball for all three of the trials years. “Having fun, volleyball is just a fun sport to play-when you get really good to a point then it gets competitive,” Gardner said.

by Lily Hansen, Contributing Reporter

The boys volleyball 2020 season is starting. All physicals must be turned in to Lori Rommel, the Athletics Secretary at the front office.

“[Boys volleyball is] just a great opportunity for anybody who wants to play. It keeps you in shape, it makes you work on vertical height [and] quick movement,” Head coach and engineering and technology teacher Kyler Barker said.

Due to the girl’s and boy’s basketball playoff games starting Tuesday, Feb. 25, there was a scheduling conflict for the gym. Boys volleyball had to change their tryouts, practice and game schedule. Since the club isn’t CHSAA certified, it gets last priority over the gym.

“It doesn’t really affect us that much because we’re just working around wha others schedule is. Whenever we get the gym is when we get it, we’re happy as long as we can get [the gym],” Barker said.

This is boys volleyball’s final year before becoming an official CHSAA sport. In order to officially be approved by CHSAA, the activity was considered a club sport for three trial years. 2020 will is the sport’s final pilot year and boys volleyball will be officially CHSAA certified in 2021.

“[The sport is] going to become more district based. The Colorado Boys Volleyball Association is running their own boys volleyball state tournaments so they’re morphing it down to be like other sports where you’re playing your neighbors instead of having to travel as much,” Barker said. Last season the club had to travel to Colorado Springs for games.

Boys interested in playing should come to the commons Feb. 24 from 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. to try out.