Fall flies when you’re having fun

Fall is here, why not take a vacation? Picking the ideal destination is possible by answering a few questions to see which location matches your personality type. This quiz will allow you to choose the best vacation destination for your next travel experience.


by Lola Boushelle and Kendall Foxworth

Take this most-likely-to quiz to find out where you should travel next, this fall.


  1. Which T.V channel are you most likely to tune into?  
  1. Bravo  
  2. Discovery channel
  3. ESPN 
  4. Disney/ Nickelodeon 
  5. TLC


  1. What are you most likely doing on a Friday night? 
  1. Going to a party with friends, I love being around lots of people  
  2. Doing homework, I have to catch up before Monday 
  3. Watching/playing sports, I love football
  4. Doing a craft, I like making jewelry 
  5. Watching movies, It’s simple and I get to spend time with friends or family 


  1. What store are you most likely going to shop in when you go to the mall? 
  1. Pacsun 
  2. Attic Salt 
  3. Dicks 
  4. Altered state 
  5. Vans 


  1. What car would you most likely pick? 
  1. White Jeep wrangler 
  2. Toyota Corolla
  3. Toyota Tacoma
  4. Subaru Crosstrek  
  5. Volkswagen Kombi van

The quiz was very fun and strangely accurate since I will be visiting my cousin in Seattle and then road-tripping to Oregon

— Madison Friar '22


  1. Which holiday would you most likely get rid of?
  1. Thanksgiving, I don’t like spending time with my family 
  2. New Year’s Eve, I’m not a big party person
  3. Valentines Day, too sappy for me
  4. Halloween, I don’t like dressing up
  5. Fourth of July, summer is my least favorite season 


  1. If you saw a bear, which of the following would most likely be your reaction? 
  1. Scream for my significant other to come to save me 
  2. Try to remember what my science textbook said about different kinds of bears 
  3. Challenge my friend to a race, loser gets eaten 
  4. Take a naturistic photo
  5. Act like I didn’t see it and walk away 


  1. Which person are you most likely to be while watching a scary movie? 
  1. I would need lots of friends with me, I get scared easily 
  2. I have never watched a scary movie
  3. Watch it with a straight face, I don’t get scared easily 
  4. Scream and throw popcorn at every jump scare 
  5. I’m scared during the movie but after I forget about it 


  1. Which dare would you most likely do? 
  1. Ask out a random person, I think they’ll say yes 
  2. Prank call my parents
  3. Shave my head, I’ve done it before I’ll do it again  
  4. Let my friends pick out a crazy outfit for me, I trust them 
  5. Dye my hair a weird color, I already have the box dye 


  1. Which gum flavor would you most likely chew during a test?
  1. Bubble gum, pink is my favorite color
  2. No gum, a study says chewing gum before the test is better than during 
  3. Big League chew, I chew it all day every day
  4. Cinnamon gum, It reminds me of Christmas 
  5. Mint gum, It’s a timeless classic 


  1. What would you most likely do if you saw your teacher at the grocery store? 
  1. Call the teacher by their first name and do our handshake 
  2. Go up to them and respectfully shake their hand 
  3. Call out their name and then duck into the nearest aisle 
  4. Smile and wave 
  5. Avoid eye contact and leave immediately


Results: find your result by adding up the amount of each letter you selected. Whichever letter you picked the most is which destination is best for you.  


Mostly A: If you picked mostly choice A, you have an outgoing personality and you love traveling to San Diego, California. The flight’s duration is 2 hours and eight minutes from Colorado DIA to California Los Angeles International Airport. 91% of activities are still available during Covid-19 in California. Some activity choices for San Diego are…

  • The San Diego beach is an option for swimming, surfing, or tanning
  • Take the ferry to Coronado. A 15-minute ride from the San Diego Bay to the Coronado ferry landing 
  • Swim with sharks. Leopard Sharks will swim to shallow waters on La Jolla Shores Beach. The sharks do not attack humans and have very small mouths. 



Mostly B: If you found yourself answering with option B, you are the type of person that would appreciate a simple vacation to a familiar spot. People with this type of personality will enjoy a stay-cation to Beaver Creek, Colorado. Fall is one of the most popular times to visit the mountains as the leaves are turning. Driving from Highlands Ranch to Beaver Creek is around two hours. 74% of hotels are open during Covid-19 for fall break. Some activity choices for Beaver creek are…


Mostly C: If you answered mostly C, you’re athletic, friendly, and easygoing, meaning Key West, Florida is the perfect fall break getaway for you. Florida has a high of 88 during the fall break week. The flight duration is 3 hours and 45 minutes from DIA to Fort Lauderdale International Airport. 98% of hotels are opened during Covid-19 this fall break in Key West, Florida. Some activity choices for Key West are…


Mostly D: If you answered mostly D, consider road-tripping it to Moab, Utah with friends and family because you are an idealist that likes hanging out with people similar to you. If you are looking to travel on your own time, but still experience adventure on your vacation, this destination is perfect for you. Driving from Highlands Ranch to Moab will take around 5 hours and 40 minutes, and the weather will range from the 60’s and 70’s all week. 79% of the hotels will be opened during Covid-19 during fall break. Some activity choices for Moab are…

  • mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking trails, and rafting
  • Offroading the Arches National Park Self-Driving Audio Tour, for only $10, allows you to hike the trails of Arches National Park at your own pace, with whoever you want. 



Mostly E: If the majority of the options you picked were E, you’re the type of person to be funny and outgoing with friends and family, but shy in front of a group with unfamiliar people. We suggest you take a trip to Eugene Oregon The flight’s duration is 2 hours and 20 minutes from Denver International Airport to Portland, Oregon. 84% of hotels are open during Covid-19 for fall break. Some choices for Eugene are…