Artists I Recommend You Listen To

Aux-induced anxiety? It’s okay, you’re not a lost cause. Here are nine artists you need to check out right now.


photo by Amanda Brauchler

Need new music? Check out Ben England’s recommendations.

by Ben England, Sports Editor

Have you ever been driving in a car, having a good time with your friends, except for one thing: they are playing music that you have no clue about. 

But do not worry!

Not to be boastful, but I pride myself off of my music taste. From listening to all different genres almost all day, I believe I know a thing or two about music and artists. I am here to help you learn about smaller artists and be able to know these artists and then impress your friends. 

Slauson Malone’s 2019 album, “A Quiet Farewell 2016-2018.”

Slauson Malone 

My first recommendation is Slauson Malone. If you are into an abstract hip hop scene, then Slauson Malone is a great listen. He is the front runner of the New York Hip Hop scene and is growing fast. A fair warning, Slauson Malone is not for everybody, but I still recommend you to give him a listen. If you want to give him a listen, I recommend his 2019 album, “A quiet farewell 2016-2018”. 



IDK’s 2019 album, “Is He Real”


If you are a fan of artists like JID, Earthgang, or even Lil Wayne, then I recommend IDK to you. He is an upcoming rapper with very “bump your head to” beats and hype lyrics. Some songs I recommend for IDK are “Digital”, “Lilly”, and “24”. 


MAVI, JPEGmafia, and Redveil 

So you are into experimental hip hop such as Earl Sweatshirt or MF Doom, then these three artists are perfect for you. For those who don’t know, experimental hip hop is a type of hip hop that uses eccentric elements to create a non-traditional style of hip hop.  Mavi is almost identical to Earl Sweatshirt whether it comes to voice or flow. Some songs I recommend from MAVI are “Self Love” and “Love of Money.” JPEGmafia, is a very abstract artist and has some very funky beats. Some songs I recommend from him are “ 1539 N Calvert Street”, “Kanan vs. Kal”, and “All My Heroes are Cornballs.”


Twin Peak’s 2014 album, “Wild Onion”

Twin Peaks

If you are a big fan of indie or alternative rock, then Twin Peaks is perfect for you. Twin Peaks are if Car Seat Headrest, Cage the Elephant, and the Lumineers had a baby. A perfect band for road trips and good vibes. They are a super nostalgic band and will make you feel happy. Some songs I recommend from Twin Peaks are “Wanted You”, “My Guys”, and “Blue Coupe”. 




Beach Fuzz’s 2019 album, “Casual Encounters”.

Beach Fuzz

If you like upbeat indie music, then give a listen to the upcoming band out of San Diego, Beach Fuzz. They are very alike to artists like the Wallows and Dayglow. A few great songs to put on are “Join the Club”, “Casual Encounters”, and “I think I’m falling for Her.”





Sufjan Steven’s 2015 album, “Carrie & Lowell”

Sufjan Stevens 

Many of you may know Sufjan Stevens from his soundtrack from the hit movie, “Call Me By Your Name.” But his individual albums are even more amazing. All of his individual albums have plucky strings, soothing melodies, and mellow beats. Some artists that compare to Sufjan Stevens are Bon Iver, Elliot Smith, and Phoebe Bridgers. 





American Football’s 1999 album, “American Football”

American Football

If you are a fan of old alternative rock bands such as The Smiths, Joy Division, or Radiohead, then American Football is a great band for you. A huge component of the midwest emo scene, their self titled album is an amazing listen. One song that is a must-listen is “Never Meant”.





One of their biggest fans is Adrienne Markey ‘21. She has been listening to them since she was younger.“To me, Twin Peaks is my comfort band because it reminds me of growing up and being in Chicago during Autumn,” Markey said, “I have been to multiple of their concerts, and every single one, I feel an overwhelming amount of nostalgia because Twin Peaks is a home.”