Another: An appalling anime

A review of the 12-episode anime “Another.” (Available on the streaming service


Jordyn Forsythe’s ’22 digital art of Mei Misaki and Kōichi Sakikabara.

by Lily Hansen, Contributing Reporter

The TV adaptation of the novel Another creates images you don’t (or might) want to see. This gory anime takes death to a whole new level of creativity. From people taking their own lives to becoming serial killers, “the curse of Class 3” takes the ninth grade class of 1998 in a literal onslaught. Absurd ways to die have been brought to attention and will make you question your every move in real life. The maniacal events of 1998 will make you cringe and gag at the disgusting scenes. 


A big-city boy from Tokyo moves into the small town of Yomiyama and transfers to Yomiyama North Middle School. Meeting a girl that everyone in the class does not see, Kōichi Sakakibara makes friends with Mei Misaki. She informs him of “the curse of Class 3.”

“The curse of class 3”— Misaki Yomiyama and his family died in a house fire in 1972. Heartbroken by his death, the entire class pretended that Misaki was still with them. Keeping his desk and even a scroll for his ninth grade graduation, students and faculty respected his memory and acted like he was still alive. During the graduation ceremony, they took a class photo and shockingly Misaki’s spirit appeared in the photo. In the following years, students and family members with connections to Class 3 passed away— one per month. The curse occurs because there is an extra student in the class who is dead. Nobody knows who the dead person is— not even the deceased. Who the undead person is? No one knows… yet.

After talking to Mei about the curse, Kōichi asks his fellow classmates about it as well and receives no answer. While Kōichi is conversing with Mei in the school hallway, the first death takes place. A week after, the second. The third, fourth, and fifth occur quickly in various and disgusting ways. Kōichi and Mei find a graduate of Class 3, Katsumi Matsunaga, from 1983 who tells them that he hid the secret to stopping the curse in the old Class 3 room. They investigate and find an old cassette tape that gives them the story of how Katsumi came to this conclusion and the solution: “Send the dead where they belong. Send the dead back to death.” When the class goes on an annual trip up to Yomiyama Shrine, death follows closely. The cassette is played over the hotel’s intercom, and students suspect Mei to be the undead. The classmates turn to kill Mei as they think it would end the suffering and avenge those who were close to the students. A series of unfortunate events proceed murder after murder until only few are left standing, including Mei and Kōichi. Who is the dead person? Only in the end will you find out.


It’s a very graphic anime that made me squirm, but it fits the “horror” category perfectly. The plot is very interesting— and you would need to watch the anime to get the full story and details— but once you start, you can’t stop because it is so thrilling.