Superstitions: silly or serious?

RCHS’s take on superstitions and what this Friday the 13th will mean for the pandemic.


media by Kira Zizzo

by Maddy Merritt, Editor in Chief

     Tomorrow is Friday the 13th. It is a day feared by many who hold superstitions around the number 13, the day Friday, or the two together especially. What are superstitions, and where did they start? What’s so bad about Friday the 13th?

     A superstition is a belief that certain events, numbers, colors, animals, and more are associated with good or bad luck. There are a number of superstitions.

     “I believe in all of the snow day stuff— pajamas backwards, having a spoon under your pillow, flushing ice down the toilet. I also believe that a Christmas with snow is automatically going to be a good Christmas,” Megan Coon ‘21 said.

     One superstition is that Friday the 13th is a day that brings bad luck. According to National Geographic, Friday the 13th is thought to be a cursed day because of religious context. According to religious belief, Judas, the guest at the last supper who eventually killed Jesus Christ, was the 13th guest at the table. And according to the Bible, Jesus was crucified on a Friday. People started to piece the two together more and more until Friday the 13th became a day that was widely feared.

     “I do think Friday the 13th is cursed; however, this Friday the 13th is our second this year, so I think it will undo the original curse on this year,” Taya Hastings ‘22 said.

     Although some watch out on Friday the 13th, some don’t believe in the curse of the day at all.

     “Surprisingly, I don’t actually think Friday the 13th is cursed. Although, I do think it can be for some people. For some reason, my whole life, 13 has been a recurring number and I no longer think of it as unlucky. I haven’t had any awful Friday the 13th experiences either, so I don’t think it’s inherently cursed,” Kayla Mash ‘21 said.

     There have been conspiracies on TikTok recently claiming that Friday the 13 of November will bring the end of the COVID-19 pandemic just like Friday the 13 of March seemed to bring the start of it earlier this year.

     “At this point, [I do think Friday the 13th is cursed] because we were quarantined on the 13th before and now we might be facing another rumored quarantine on the 13th of this month. I never used to believe in Friday the 13th until this year,” Coon said.

     Do you believe Friday the 13th is cursed? Is it going to mean good or bad things for Friday, Nov. 13, 2020? Leave a comment!