We Need a Covid Curve

The way to help students in these unprecedented times is to apply a Covid curve.


media by Kira ZIzzo

The featured image for the “We Need A Covid Curve” editorial.

by Ben England, Sports Editor

5 weeks until finals week. 


4 weeks until seniors are gone. 


3 weeks until senior finals.


2 weeks until AP tests.


1 week until AP class finals…


Yet, I am writing this from my bedroom. As students this semester, we have gone through hybrid, fully in-person, and fully virtual learning models: the three headed monster. We have dealt with many different schedules. It seems like every few weeks, we have to adapt to something new. With so little time left in the year, we are back online. 

Being back online has thrown all of us for a loop. 

Instead of being able to be in class and collaborate with my classmates a week before my math final, I’m stuck in my room doing these assignments on my own.

Of course it was a justified decision to put us online, but putting us online this late in the year without a curve or a little help is unacceptable. Many students were holding on to a ledge approaching this last month, but being sent online right now with no help has basically just kicked us off the ledge. 

Students are being forced to study in unfavorable circumstances. Stress levels are at a high across the entire school. Kids are burnt out and dealing with so much. They need help. 

In a recent study by NBC News, nationwide, 39% of students have shown signs of depression, 66% are battling loneliness, and 13% of students have thought about taking their own life in the past year.

The way to help students right now is to apply a Covid Curve. 

“We one hundred percent need a Covid curve or something to help us this semester,” Dylan Greer ‘22 said. “This is probably the most stressed and worst I’ve felt my entire life.” 

A Covid curve is not a whole new idea. When we went online in the fall, we received a Covid curve as well. Going online at the end of the second semester is much worse than going online at the end of first semester due to final exams and AP tests. 

Last semester, we had a Covid Curve of twelve percent. For example, an 88% and above was an A, 76% to 87.9% was a B, 64% to 75.9% was a C, and so on and so forth. 

Some may say this is an easy way out, but we tend to forget that we are in a pandemic that has been going on for a year. The school should have planned to help students out with virtual classes, yet no new resources or policies have been implemented this semester to do so. Now, I’m not putting the blame of something as big as a pandemic on them, of course this is unpredictable and we are all in this together, but we need to help students out in these tough times. 

In a recent Instagram survey of over 400 Rock Canyon students, 86% said that their mental health has gotten worse with online school and 83% have said their grades have worsened or they are worried about them dropping with finals coming up. 

The school’s goals are to help students and guide them towards success. Our school’s mission statement is “To Empower, To Explore, To Encourage, and To Excel in Education ”. The only way to empower, explore, encourage, and help students excel this semester is to apply a Covid curve.