5 Tips for Applying to College

Here our some tips to help you get your college applications in on time.


Design by: Matthew Fink

The season is here. The season of college applications. Here are some quick tips, dates, and things to know as deadlines approach. 

Colorado Free Application day is October 19-21. Over these days you can apply to any college in Colorado without the application fee. Meaning it is free to apply. 

Nov. 1st/15th – This is going to be many colleges’ early decision deadlines. 

Jan. 1st/15th – This is going to be many colleges’ regular decision deadlines. 

Rolling Admissions – There are no exact deadlines for rolling admissions, you can just apply when you want throughout the application period. Rolling admissions is technically first come first serve so get your application in as soon as possible for those schools. 

5 Tips: 

1. Talk to your counselors 

  • Counselors are going to be a hotbed of information for colleges. Setup your senior meetings if you haven’t yet and ask your counselors any questions you have

2. Naviance is your friend

  • Naviance has all you need to research colleges, request letters of recommendation, and get you on track to apply. 

3. You have more time than you think

  • It may seem like the deadlines are approaching fast, but there are deadlines much later in the year that you can apply at. 

4. Talk to your friends

  • Your friends may have insight and have already approached applying, so they can help you with the needed requirements to apply. 

5. Don’t Stress 

  • Everyone will end up at a place they belong, so do not stress out. You got this. 

As deadlines approach though here are a few things to remember. 

  • Get your college applications themself done such as the common application or coalition application. 
  • Put the colleges you are applying to into Naviance under the “Colleges I’m Applying To”. 
  • Be sure to talk to your teachers and get your letter of recommendation requested. 
  • Request your transcripts from the counseling office or on my school bucks.