Stories Behind the Signs: Homecoming Proposals

A look into a few of this year’s student Homecoming signs and proposals.


Samantha Jacot ‘23 lays out the collection of notes and gifts she plans to give to Lily Fodness ‘23 to ask her to Homecoming. Jacot made a note and gift for each class period during an all day and had friends give them to Fodness throughout the day. “My favorite [gift] was probably third period. I got a Monster, that was really nice and I really needed the caffeine,” Fodness said. (photo courtesy Sam Jacot)

It’s buying flowers, making a poster, or even finding a goat. It can be exciting, nerve-racking, or even terrifying. To many people, Homecoming proposals are some of the most exciting parts of Homecoming Week. They can be exhilarating, romantic, and heartwarming, but also intimidating and scary. Over the years, there have been some grand and extravagant Homecoming proposals at Rock Canyon, but some of the ones from this year could be the most entertaining yet.

Cooper Chase ‘23 did one of these Homecoming proposals in a unique way: he proposed to Grace Dorris ‘23 with a goat.

“I asked her with a sign that said, ‘be the goat and go to Homecoming with me.’ At first, I didn’t have the goat with me, so it was just a sign that said that, but then when she saw the goat it made everything better,” Chase said. 

Dorris was shocked to receive the proposal. 

“It was funny, but I was shocked to see that someone actually brought a goat. I thought I was just going to get a sign with some candy,” Dorris said. 

Another proposal was one by Luke Meredith ‘24 asking his girlfriend, Abby Mendus ’23, to Homecoming.

“My boyfriend, Luke, was kinda building up to it for a while, and then he came over to my house one night and he had made me a crossword puzzle. All of the clues were inside jokes between us, and then some of the letters spelled out, ‘will you go to Homecoming with me.’ It was adorable,” Mendus said. 

Another end of the spectrum is the sophomores, where Nick TeSelle ‘25 asked Ariana Magor ‘25.

“I gave her flowers and asked her if she wanted to go with me. She is special and I wanted to give her something special,” TeSelle said. 

Some students proposed to their friends instead of romantic partners. Samantha Jacot ‘23 asked her friend Lilly Fodness ‘23 to Homecoming with her.

“I gave my friend Lilly a bunch of letters in each of her classes. I just put little puns in them. One of them was taped to a can of Monster and it said, ‘don’t be a monster, go to Homecoming with me,’” Jacot said. 

Alexandra Jacot ‘24 received a similar Homecoming proposal. 

“I was sitting in the orchestra room while practicing. I look up and see a bunch of my friends in the hallway holding signs that said ‘HOCO.’ I was kind of embarrassed. It seemed like only two people actually noticed in the whole room so it was kind of funny,” Jacot said. 

Cale Williams ‘25 also asked Nathan Groom ‘26 as a friend to the dance. 

“I asked him with a sign, and it had a Clue reference on it because he was included in the Clue play. I was very stressed about it because everyone was like, ‘Cale, you only have two days left,’ but I feel good about it,” Williams said.