BREAKING: Educational Assistant Jerome Price and Family Face Tragedy

How you can help the Price Family after a recent tragedy.


media by courtesy of Jessica Bird

A collage of photos of the Price Family on the GoFundMe Dec. 9. After a car accident Dec. 8, Special Education teacher Jessica Bird and other faculty members created a GoFundMe to help raise money for medical expenses, with a goal of $100,000.

by Claire Bauer and Grace Uhrain

After former Rock Canyon student Makai Price, the son of football and Unified Sports coach and Special Educational Assistant Jerome Price, was involved in a serious car accident Dec. 8, fellow Special Education department teachers Jessica Bird, Nick Mahan, Theresa Crump, Jolynn Duris, Kristin Acker, Myrian Renzelman and Julie Pedersen set up a GoFundMe to support the Price family.

According to information on the GoFundMe, Makai remains in the Intensive Care Unit in critical condition, with damage to many bones and vital organs as well as his brain and spinal cord. Currently, there is concern that his legs may have to be amputated. The crash details have yet to be made public.

Makai attended Rock Canyon High School and is completing his senior year at Cherry Creek High School. He continued helping his father Jerome in the classroom with his siblings, Zxavier and Darius. Makai is described as a kind and intelligent person who has made a difference in many lives.

“Makai is an impressive young man. He excels in and out of the classroom competing in football, basketball and track. His intelligence, kindness, and athleticism touch everyone around him,” according to the GoFundMe page.

The founders of the GoFundMe page hope to raise money to go towards the Price family’s medical expenses.

“Being at a new [preschool teaching] job, April [Price] is not yet eligible for Family and Medical Assistance. In order to accommodate Makai’s care, they will also have to change their living arrangements,” the GoFundMe page said.