UPDATE: Community Takes Action to Help the Price Family

Students are encouraged to participate in a “Green Out” Dec. 13 to show support for Makai Price and family.


media by courtesy of Remy Arnold

A graphic announces the “Green Out” for Dec. 13 on the Student Council social media, posted Dec. 12. The Green Out, organized by students at both Rock Canyon and Cherry Creek High School, encouraged both communities to wear green to school and the basketball game to show support for the Price family.

by Claire Bauer and Grace Uhrain

After the Price family faced tragedy, the school community is taking action to help. Makai Price–former Rock Canyon student, son of football and Unified Sports coach and Special Educational Assistant Jerome Price, and brother of SSN Educational Assistants Darius and Xzavier Price–was in a severe car accident leaving his current school, Cherry Creek High School (CCHS), Dec. 8.

Makai is currently in the Intensive Care Unit for his injuries after receiving surgery to stabilize his leg Dec. 11, and according to an update posted on the GoFundMe after the surgery, is expected to undergo seven more surgeries.

Read more about the details of the accident here.

“Jerome works hard to make connections with everyone.  Every student in our community has an experience with him,” Special Education Assistant Jessica Bird said. “He pours his heart into a thankless job, pushing for our students to be seen as ‘just like you.’ He’s worked to instill the same values in his boys and teach everyone in our community how to have compassion and love for people who are different from you.”

Community members were invited to a group prayer vigil in the SkyRidge Medical Center parking lot at 12 p.m. Dec. 11 as Makai began eleven hours of surgery.

“I’ve played football for [Jerome], so I know them, and we think what happened was pretty horrific,” Preston Duman ’26 said. Duman’s family organized the vigil. “About 30 or 40 people went out in front of the hospital by the flagpole in a circle. A pastor came by and we said a prayer for a little bit, then [Jerome] came out and said hi.”

The varsity boys basketball team is set to play against CCHS at home at 7:00 p.m. Dec. 13. The student-section theme is a “Green Out,” encouraging fans on both sides to wear green in a show of unified support for Makai. Jags are also encouraged to wear green during the school day.

As of 7:50 p.m. Dec. 12, the GoFundMe received over 1,200 donations, reaching $101,106 of its original $100,000 goal, which is now adjusted to a target of $150,000. 

“Makai will undergo many surgeries in the coming days and weeks. The immediate need is to provide peace of mind that April and Jerome can take shifts at his bedside without worrying about taking time off of work,” Bird said. “The Price family will be forever changed by this tragedy.”