Council Crazies

Learn how Student Council spent six weeks preparing for Wish Week and what events they planned for March 1-8.

photo by Maddy Merritt
Sophomores Emma Renard and Hailey Poppler fold shirts to be packaged for Wish Kit sales. Student Council ordered about 2,600 shirts so the whole student body has a chance to buy a shirt. “It supports the Wish Kid… Everyone gets one, it’s kind of a big thing,” council member Berlin Barnett ’21 said.

by Maddy Merritt, Editor in Chief

Roll. Rubber band. Box it. Close the box. RC Student Council rolls about 2,600 Wish Week shirts and packs them into boxes for wish kit sales March 1-8. Members planned and prepared for six weeks for Wish Week, one of the biggest events of the RC school year. According to sophomore and council member Berlin Barnett, preparation entails writing out how the council plans for events to go.

“We make plans for exactly what’s going to happen the day of the event. We try and get our vision together of what we want the event to look like as a whole,” Barnett said.

In charge of planning for the events that will occur throughout Wish Week, Student Council also holds the responsibility of decorating the entire school in a theme that matches the wish kid. Student council decorated after school, Feb. 28 from 5-9.

“It usually does take a long time because we want everything to be perfect and put together, and we want everything to match and look good and look like it was done by a professional,” Barnett said.

Even with the weeks of intense preparation and hours of setup as part of Student Council’s responsibility of Wish Week, members still enjoy the week.

“It’s fun how the whole community gets together to celebrate one thing, even the teachers when they do penny stalls, and all the kids get jazzed. It’s everybody from Rock Canyon, not just certain groups,” Josh Woodrow ’21 said.

A freshman member of Student Council, Josh Lederman, celebrates his first wish week this year and helps with the decorating.

“I’m excited to see everyone come together, all for the greater goal and the greater good of helping multiple people, and everyone comes together and realizes that we have our lives pretty easy, and there’re some other people who are really struggling, and it shows us that we need to have more appreciation for each other and for who we are,” Lederman said.

According to Caroline Pita, members of Student Council design the shirts, and then the council votes on which design they like. This year, there is a design on both the front and the back of the shirts.

“We had to vote on both [the front and the back of the shirt,] and the majority wins. We had a few designs, but we ended up just picking one,” Pita said.

Maybe Next Year: Walk for Wishes Cancelled

Student Council divides the events among its members. Pita, Lederman, and Barnett were on the Walk for Wishes team for Student Council; however, the Walk for Wishes was cancelled Feb. 27 in anticipation of poor weather conditions. According to numerous weather apps and channels, predictions show snow fall all day Saturday. Lederman reported that the two deciding factors of whether or not to cancel the walk are percent humidity and temperature. If there is a chance for 100% humidity (snow fall) or if the temperature will drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, the walk is cancelled. This Saturday’s forecast shows both of those things. Though the walk has been cancelled, men’s lacrosse is still hosting a food truck fundraiser in which there will be mac n cheese, sandwiches, burgers, and pizza for $10.00 each between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Saturday, March 2, near the RCHS turf field.

Although the walk has been cancelled, student spirit can still soar next week during the numerous events and activities students can partake in.

Nailed it: Magic Nails New Fundraising Site

All week, the Highlands Ranch location of Magic Nails will be painting nails and donating some of their proceeds to Wish Week.

Featuring You

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Freshmen Sadie Rowe and Josie Manning trace trash cans to cut out circles for decorations. Student Council prepared their ideas for decorations and will decorate Thursday night from 5-9 p.m.