Here are Four Ways to Prepare for Wish Week!

As Wish Week rapidly approaches, here are four ways you can prepare.


photo by Jana Seal, Graphic by Danny Curran

Graphic for Wish Week preparation article.

The entire school is about to come together to achieve one goal: granting a child’s wish. Wish Week is approaching soon–here’s what you can do to get ready.

1. Get your money ready.

The entire point of Wish Week is to raise enough money to make the Wish kid’s dream true, so you can start by getting your money ready to donate. Another way to donate to Wish Week is by buying a new brand new shirt to show support to the Wish kid.

“I’m going to prepare for Wish Week by getting my money together for stalling my classes,” Grace Gardner ’22 said. “I like how Wish Week is implemented into every part of our week from classes to events at night.”

2. Open up your schedule for events.

There are going to be many events where proceeds go towards supporting the Wish kid. Restaurant nights are each day this week, with restaurants such as Coldstone, Firehouse Subs, and Chipotle donating a percentage of their profits toward the Wish kid’s goal. Many additional events happen after school such as glow-in-the-dark dodgeball and a drive-in movie night.

3. Wear as much blue as you can.

It’s time to go through your closet and laundry baskets and find blue to wear. You may not be able to wear your Wish Week shirt every day, but that’s okay because blue on its own works. This color represents the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

4. Help others prepare.

Even after you have prepared yourself, there’s still time to help your friends. If they don’t have any blue shirts, then offer to let them borrow some of yours. You can also help by transporting them to the many events happening during Wish Week, especially those who may not be able to drive yet.