The ‘Golden Boy’ and His Golden Chain

Varsity basketball guard Mac Terry ’24 wins the 9News Swag Chain at assembly for game-winning shot.

by Claire Bauer, Editor in Chief

“M.V.P.! M.V.P.! M.V.P.!”

When varsity basketball guard Mac Terry ‘24 found himself with a tied score and the basketball in his hands, he took a shot. When 9News Sports Reporter Scotty Gange captured the moment, the play became posted on social media accounts, celebrated amongst students, and one of 9News’s “top plays of the week,” as part of their weekly Pep Rally Honor Roll.

On Jan. 20, Terry scored the buzzer-beater point at the game against Regis Jesuit High School, making the score 59-57 and allowing the Jags to take their thirteenth win in a row.

The following week, on Jan. 26, Gange and his news crew returned to visit the Canyon Crazies again at a pep rally during that day’s Access in the gym. Students packed together in the bleachers, dressed in black, white, and gold, yelled spirit chants, led by the Golden Boys.

One student from each grade was invited to attempt to make the same shot that Terry made, but all failed. Terry then recreated his game-winning shot in front of the crowds, and was awarded the 9News Swag Chain. The Golden Boys also received a Swag Chain.