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David Sapienza’s sixth period AP Euro History class huddles in lockdown, May 7 after an abrupt announcement from Principal Andy Abner. Mr. Abner announced that STEM School, 5.8 miles away from Rock Canyon, has an active shooter alert currently.  The school was reduced to a lockout at 2:20pm with secure perimeter, students can leave with parent supervision.

BREAKING: STEM School in Highlands Ranch in Active Shooting; Updates

May 7, 2019

Police responded to STEM School off Ridgeline Boulevard in Highlands Ranch around 1:53 pm, May 7, to a ca...

Francesco Reiff '19 jumps over teammates to set the ball. Reiff used to live in a town that could barely make a volleyball team from how little people were interested.

The Men’s Volleyball Club is Officially a Sport

April 25, 2019

The Colorado Boys High School Volleyball Association petitioned for CHASA to credit Boys Volleyball as...

Muminah Khan 21' hands Brooke Hawkins 20' a piece of tape to hang up decorations for Open Mic Night in room 2100 April 5. The Human Rights Club had originally planned to have the Open Mic Night on Friday, February 22, but thought strategically and moved this event to a day where more people would be able to attend and perform. “The biggest accomplishment of open mic night was that people came and performed their own work or the work of others and it meant a lot to them and it was really interesting to see what people had to say, Natalie Aston '20 said.

Student Activism Highlighted In Open Mic Night

April 15, 2019

  Voices, mingle with the static of the microphone as they illuminate the crowd of eager ears to...

The Michigan Wolverines wins their game against the Florida Gators March 23. In the Second Round of March Madness, Michigan progressed after winning 64-49.

Then There Were Two: The Story of How Your Bracket Broke

April 8, 2019

Tonight, Texas Tech and Virginia (UVA) will play in the final game of March Madness 2019, both compet...

Kitchen staff manually enter orders during second lunch after the power outage at noon April 8. Around 2000 student orders need to be manually entered into the lunch system after power was restored.

BREAKING: Power Outage Leaves Community in Dark for Two Hours

April 8, 2019

Power was restored today after an outage that affected about three and a half mile radius of the Douglas...

Julia McDonald '21 laughs after getting her hair cut during the Dare to Share event Tuesday, March 5. 102 pony tails were donated in four hours.

Dare and Donate, Share and Shine

March 11, 2019

Snip! The wrestling room floor is covered in hair. Salon chairs, ponytails, encouragement, a sense of com...

After attending a spin class at Cycle Bar Lone Tree, a collection of students and faculty pose outside the bike studio March 2. French National Honor Society sponsored the spin class as a way to raise money for Wish Week. Bikes were $25 a person and FNHS raised $550 from the 45-minute class.

The Day in Photos: A Wish Weekend

March 6, 2019

Saturday, March 2 Sunday, March 3  ...

The Day in Photos: March 1

Michael, the five year-old Wish Kid of 2019, helps Student Council organize the collections from Miracle Minute March 1. Student Council entertained Michael and his little sister after the assembly by helping them look through the tubs of coins.

by Amanda Brauchler, Editor In Chief

March 1, 2019


Sophomores Emma Renard and Hailey Poppler fold shirts to be packaged for Wish Kit sales. Student Council ordered about 2,600 shirts so the whole student body has a chance to buy a shirt.

Council Crazies

March 1, 2019

Roll. Rubber band. Box it. Close the box. RC Student Council rolls about 2,600 Wish Week shirts and pack...

Not So Super, Super Bowl

by Matthew Fink, Reporter

February 13, 2019

Super Bowl LIII (53) happened Feb. 3, and the New England Patriots played against the Los Angeles Rams. It occurred at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. The final score of the game was 13-3, with the Patriots winning their 6th Super Bowl. Many students at RCHS watched the super bowl, however this year’s Super Bow...

Face the Reality of Registration

by Sam Keer, Managing Editor

February 5, 2019

     The biggest question and myth is that you can save offs for senior year, however to be a full time student at any Douglas County School a student must have five classes.     “In order to be a full time student at Rock Canyon, or a Douglas kind of school, you have to have five classes. So there's no way to ha...