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Jana Seal
Hi, I'm Jana Seal. I've been on staff since my freshman year, and was the copy editor of The Rock last year. This year, as an Editor in Chief, I'm beyond excited to work toward excellence as a publication, as a team, and as a program. I'm a president of Student Safety Alliance (SSA), an intern writer for the Castle Pines Connection, and a policy intern at ACLU Colorado. Next year, I hope to attend college for media and political science, as well as continue to pursue my passion for classical ballet. Whatever I end up doing in life, I want to pursue truth, create change, and document people, places and events. In terms of these goals, I could not be in a better political climate, school, or program, and with another staff, editorial board, or Co Editor in Chief. I'm more than optimistic about this year for The Rock! You can contact me at: [email protected]

Jana Seal, Editor In Chief

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Jana Seal