Cooking up a Change

Jags Go Pink! is having a bake sale to help out breast cancer patients in our community.


Carrie Lin ‘20, Co-Vice President of Jags Go Pink! and Zoe Zizzo ‘20, Co-President of Jags Go Pink! run a bake sale during second lunch in the commons to raise money to help out cancer patients Jan. 16. There was a table full of baked goods, with prices that ranged from one to four dollars. “I’m really excited to be helping out breast cancer patients and am glad that I can do my part,” Lin said.

by Kira Zizzo, Editor in Chief

Jags Go Pink! is having a bake sale Jan. 16 and 17 in the commons during lunch. Various scrumptious baked goods and breast cancer awareness keychains are being sold, with prices ranging from one to four dollars. All proceeds will go toward creating comfort totes for those who have breast cancer within the community. This is in order to show support and solidarity for them and their families.

“In order to continue making baskets and to continue supporting breast cancer patients, we need to have the funds to be able to do that,” Frankie Stroud ‘22 said.

These totes contain heatable rice packs (Chemotherapy patients feel cold/get chills following  treatments and mastectomy patients find comfort in using them), cushions for seat belts (for people with chemo port/sensitive chests after mastectomies), fleece blankets (warmth; after surgeries patients spend measurable amounts of time sitting/lying down), ribbons to tie the drainage bags up while showering, and other comfort items.

“I think it’s a very effective club that really touches everyone’s hearts, so I feel like it’s a good cause,” Nishi Veer ‘22 said.

Jags Go Pink! is hopeful that their bake sale will be successful and with these new funds, they will be able to help out even more breast cancer patients than before, kicking off 2019 by making a change in the world.

Zoe Zizzo ‘20, Co-President of Jags Go Pink! hangs up informative posters in the 3000’s about the upcoming bake sale to raise money to make comfort baskets for breast cancer patients Jan. 14. She started the Jags Go Pink! club with her sister because their mother had breast cancer and they wanted to help people like her. “It’s really important to help out breast cancer patients because it truly is a battle that they are going through. I hope this bake sale can raise money to help our club help breast cancer patients,” Zizzo said.
Frankie Stroud ‘22 and Nishi Veer ‘22 sell baked goods for Jags Go Pink! during second lunch in the commons Jan. 16. They went around to different lunch tables and around the school to sell baked goods on the move and lead students and staff to the bake sale table in the commons. “I really wanted to be in this club because it helps other people and I really like being a part of that,” Veer said.