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Halloween is a Dying Holiday

The streets used to be raving with children every doorway ten kids would smush together to get there sweet treats, but now lights are off and there just isn’t anybody out there.

Alex Shaffer, Journalist

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     Personally halloween is my favorite holiday I don’t really know why, but just the horror of it all is so exhilarating to me. The problem is that this holiday is so it may be said “Dying.” When I was younger I remember standing at a door for five minutes in a line of kids to get candy. Now you ring a doorbell and the reason you are waiting is because the people are scrambling around to see what they can find for the trick-or-treater’s because they didn’t expect any. I’m not the only one that feels this way.

    “The thing that got me thinking about this is the amount of kids I saw out there going door to door mooching candy from strangers, or rather lack thereof. Time was, when I was a kid, the streets would be filled with kids in costumes going door to door and I was in the thick of it. Especially in the more affluent areas because the “treats were better with jumbo candy bars and cans of pop”. For the second year though it’s been rather dead. And not just for me but for other people I know. I called my mom and asked her how busy she was. She said MAYBE 50, and that was pushing it in an extremely well to do area. I remember living in the same house and we’d run through 200 bars without breaking a sweat.” GiantBomb user Aiurflux said.

    I don’t know about you, but I think Halloween is dying out or becoming less popular and I think we need to bring it back and make it stronger than ever.

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Halloween is a Dying Holiday